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About Me

Beckitybootique started in 2012 as a sewing hobby business and a way to make some "fun money" for the family as a stay-at-home parent. I adore designing and creating beautiful handmade heirloom-style outfits for children. Although is fairly new, I've been selling my designs through Facebook and Etsy and in person at local craft shows for over 9 years.

Along the way, I learned that my crafty business-owning friends didn't enjoy writing product descriptions at all. Since I have always loved writing, I started offering copywriting services. This discovery turned out to be excellent timing since having a busy toddler is not conducive to spending time at the sewing machine!

Now that my children are all in school (finally - no thanks to the pandemic), I've returned to sewing and continue to write biographies, product descriptions, and other content for Etsy and various online platforms through my other website beckitybootiquecopywriter.

Please check out my products and services, and if you're a small handmade business looking for help and support, consider joining the Handmade Nashville Artisan group